Implant and Oral Surgery, Fife, Scotland

We offer a high quality referral practice for implants, minor oral surgery, preprosthetic surgery, ridge augmentation and sinus lift procedures.

We are happy to place implants and return patients back to their own dental surgeon for completion of the restorative aspects. Alternatively we are happy to offer a full surgical and restorative service. If necessary this can be combined with fixed orthodontic treatment, to improve end results. This is also carried out within the practice.

We have been successfully placing Straumann and restoring Straumann dental implants since 2002.

The Straumann system gives predictably good results time after time.

We are constantly auditing our own work and to date we have a 96 % success rate with the Straumann system.

Not every one is suitable for implants, however a clean mouth with healthy gums and free from decay is always a good starting point.

We are also delighted to accept patients on referral for removal of impacted teeth, retained roots and apicectomies.

Please ask your dentist for a referral to us or contact us for further information.

After Dental Implant
After Implant
Before Dental Implant
Before Implant
Implant X-Ray
Implant x-ray

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